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"Das Macht Mich Krank" means "That makes me sick" in German. It refers to when someone gets so emotional/lovestruck/depressed/whatever they get sick to their stomach. Well... actually, I don't know if this affects other people as much as it does me (being that I chronically feel ill) but I'm almost certain other people can get that way.

I wanted to write it because I decided I really like comic writing. However, my other comic, Shinseki, is very linear, and focuses only on the story. This isn't bad, but it can be a little boring to write at times. I wanted to have a comic where I could insert gag strips at will, create unrealistic situations, and rant.
It's basically an embellished, visual diary. Teller is based on me. Her personality is essentially the same. However, things like living situation, or certain likes/dislikes are changed. I mean, how cool is it to read about someone who lives with their parents? This is the part with which I get to have fun :) The characters are based on people I know. The names are changed, and make sense only to me. However, I won't reveal who these people are, or why I chose those names for them. I mean, what if they read this... Well, Shadow would probably figure herself out, as well as every other character, but... Anywho, the characters aren't necesarilly identical to their counterparts. This includes Teller. I've changed them to fit my needs and moods.