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A little note <3
Everybody's name has been changed to protect their identities. Okay, I'm lying. It's to keep my ass from getting kicked. Still, in most instances, I won't tell you why I've named them what I've named them. Why? Every name has some special connection to the real life person. Most commonly, it's a spin on their own name, though there are a few exceptions.

Teller Muench
Age: 18
Hair: Brown
Eye: Hazel
Height: 5'2"
Ethnicity: White

Teller is strange, to say the least. Of course, with a name like Tallulah, you'd be strange too. She goes to the University of Grand Rapids in Michigan (by the by, there's no such school.) She lives in an apartment close to the campus. Her parents pay her rent on the condition that she works and that she comes home every other weekend.

She's very obsessive compulsive, but usually doesn't notice, because she's so accustomed to her quirks. She's very stubborn, and will defend her position to the bitter end... where she's generally wrong. Luckily for her, she tends not to take sides on anything. She also has a semi-closet obsession for Star Wars. She likes all music even though she'll deny liking certain kinds. She sings when she's alone... or when she's not... or openly in public.

In relevance to the counterpart
Most of Teller's emotions, thoughts and notions come from me. I'm a bit more rational than Teller, however. She's pretty much a lesser version of myself. I mean, even I think she can be pretty stupid. (The again, I'll admit, so can I ^^;;) Teller will openly talk to herself in public. I rarely do, except things like "ow" or "shoot." Oh. And we both love Pepsi One. And we are mad for jazz.

Noir Avalon
Age: 18
Hair: Red
Eye: Dark Brown
Height: 5'7"
Ethnicity: Half white-half black

Noir is Teller's best friend. She makes a lot more sense than Teller does. She tends to bring Teller back down to reality.
Noir is Teller's roommate. Teller and Noir didn't live that far apart when they were in grade school (which wasn't that far from UGR either) but she wanted to get out of her hellhole of a family.

In Relevance to the counterpart
Originally, I was going to make Noir a mix between myself and my best friend. However, I mulled it over for a while, and decided that it was best to keep her as herself. It's difficult enough to try and emulate her personality without me trying to add some trace elements of myself. On top of that, I figured that since the story is being told in my own style, she'd have a little bit of me in her to begin with.

Noir is very blunt with how she talks to people She's very sharp, but her words can come off a bit harsh at times. If Teller does something moronic (as she will quite often do) Noir will tell her stfu, smack her upside the head, and she will magically return to normal. She's also acts as Teller's therapist, without a degree. Their relationship is weird (as it is in real life.) They've been named "mom and dad" so affectionately by all of their friends, even though they both want to be (can claim to being) dad. This is because they constantly argue, and yet still remain friends. It's generally stupid crap that they argue about. (Pie vs. cake, song lyrics, origins of speech, etc.)

Leo Bancroft
Age: 20
Hair: Brown
Eye: Brown
Height: 6'
Ethnicity: White

Leo is Teller's boyfriend. He can be a bit of an ass. Teller is a bit blind to this fact, which makes her think that there's something wrong with her. She trys too hard to keep things going between them, and he tries too little. He's obsessed with video games; moreso than almost everything, including his own girlfriend.

In relevance to the counterpart
I must say, first and foremost, that the real Leo is not the ass I portray him to be in DMMK. The real Leo is actually very nice. He's just not always aware of others' feelings, which can make him come off as a bit cold. The fact that he tends to have a few social priorities out of whack (yes, I'm totally biased) also makes him seem a tad uncaring. At the time I started this comic, I was feeling really bad because of this, so I wanted to bring his worst qualities out, and have them take up most of his personality. I can make him look pretty bad, I'll admit. But for the most part, I like him really well in real life, and we do get along pretty well. The real Leo is also a lot more energetic and happy, and a lot less apathetic than my Leo. I'd say his character is the most altered, so don't think that the real Leo is like this, like, at all.

Dee (aka Twisted T)
Ethnicity: White
There's little known about Dee. That's how it's s'posed to be. Ha! Seriously, I've only ever drawn one picture of him, and it is all mine. I will never release it to the public, because it would ruin the whole element of mystery (as well as totally out me.) We do know that he's a forum mod, he's very nice (according to Teller, who did fall for Leo, whom she thought was "nice" as well,) and he's most likely gay or bisexual.

In Relevance to the counterpart
Ummmm........... Ummmmm............ He's not a forum mod. In terms of love interest (which is just about the only thing mentioned in the comic anyway,) it's like comparing a ring box to a refridgerator box. Teller is absolutely smitten with Dee. I, however... I can say that have a small crush on him. Then again, Teller knows Dee a lot better than I do, and has talked with him much over IM. I've only talked to Dee in a forum, very few times. However, thanks to my mad sleuthing skillz, I know much more about Dee's personal life than Teller. And I know his sexuality! Ha ha ha ha ha ha! *laughs at Teller* And yes, part of why I named him Dee is because of Dee Laytner from the manga Fake. Though my Dee isn't a rough-and-tumble detective, and acts nothing like him. And though my heart belongs to Ryo (pets her li'l half-Japanese boy.)

The reason he is such a minor character, yet has such a big part has to do with my guilty conscience. The whole time I was actively going out with Leo, I never once so much as looked at another guy. Then, he asked to go on a break. After about a month or so of analysis, I decided that our chances of getting back together were slim to nil. I allowed myself to check out other guys, but it was nothing serious. I mean, I wouldn't have considered dating them or anything related until Leo and I were broken up. And I certainly didn't have crushes on any of them. Then I met Dee. He was very nice to me. I tend to fall for really nice guys, just for the fact that I've very commonly been treated like shit (especially by my peers. This has gone on for a great deal of my life. Since about 4th grade, and probably before that as well. It's because I'm different. There's no explaining it. I just am.) Uh where was I? Oh yeah. Well, he was nice to me from the very first time I talked to him. I did develop a small crush on him. I felt terrible. I hadn't even broken up with Leo, and already, I was seeking out other people. Granted, I wasn't making any plans on asking him out nor would I normally have paid this crush much attention. But this was the first time that this had happened, and I felt so terrible. That's why you never hear from Dee, but you always hear about him.

Xue Kwong
Age: 20
Hair: Black
Eye: Black
Height: 5'9"
Ethnicity: Chinese

Xue is the only character so far of DMMK who isn't based on someone in real life. I mostly added him because it seemed a bit unrealistic for 2 college students to be able to make rent on an apartment by themselves. I originally planned for his hair ot be a bit longer, but then I realized that he'd look a lot like Noir's boyfriend (whom I plan on introducing sometime in the future.) They're already both Chinese and both wear glasses. It'd be too difficult. Xue comes from Milan, MI, so he doesn't see his parents during school. He also works quite a bit. However, any time that isn't spent working or at school is spent on the computer. Teller and Noir question about whether or not he sleeps. I mean, he is Asian... And though Teller's parents are totally overprotective, they let her live with Xue solely for the reason that he will never get laid.