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The captions say: 'Erm, my glasses aren't as emo as I happened to make them look!! DX' 'And I don't look this tall either...' 'And I don't have this haircut yet...' 'And I'm not this pretty...' I go by Mishima Cheru. I started drawing in junior high. I began with tracing my favorite anime characters. I advanced to copying my favorite anime characters. My first manga concept was "Ongaku no Kyuutei" or The Music Court. This originally took a lot of cues from Sailor Moon, but as time went on, and I reworked the story, it became more of its own story.

I have a lot of ideas for manga. However, few really make it to the point where I'd ever consider drawing and releasing them. I actually think I only have 4 or 5 that I would draw (excluding shinseki) out of 15 or more ideas I've had... This must be really boring to read, so I'll talk about something else.

I've never taken an art class. Everything I know I got from books, tutorials, or taught myself. Um, I sat in on an art class once... but it was kinda boring... If I really want to make this into a career, I'm probably going to have to take an art class in the future... Well, I'm not really banking on this, so I may never have to. ^^

I just graduated from high school and entered university. Though, from being around me, you might still think I'm in junior high, being that I'm incredibly short and I talk like I'm five.

I don't know what else to say......... ........