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Saturday , May 17 , 2008

*Gasp!* And update?! Yes... There it is... Sorry... I just kinda fell out of it, and never got back... I was dealing with a lot of shit last year, and after it was all done with, I realized I'd had, like, no summer. So I took August for myself, I guess. And then, school... was shit... Totally. I dunno. For some reason, the work this year was especially difficult. I don't know why. It just... was >.> Anyway, school, of course, comes before comics... But now that it's over, I figured that I'd see if I can get started again.

I... really don't like the artwork in this one... The 2nd and 3rd panels are okay, I think. Everything else... is just crap... I like to make interior design weird colors, don't I? Don't worry. My house doesn't look like a kid threw up paint, or anything >.>

Oh, yeah. And, meet Daniel. He's the one in the chair, who stole Teller's seat. Basically, he is to Shark what Teller is to Noir. I haven't decided yet whether I want them to live thogether, but I'm thinking no... I'll have to add bios for these people, soonish...

Oh yeah, and the copyright is different too. I had to update the year. I can't believe I hadn't made an update in 2008, yet O.o;; Oh well. That's... how it goes, I guess...

I'm planning another 3 updates in the next week, but who knows what'll happen? I've got a new job, and currently in the process of quitting the old one, so things are a little up in the air. Well... my last day at the old job is today, but the training period is beginning to come to an end, at my new job, so I think I may still be busy... But who knows?

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6/10 - "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" Elton John
Good news, everyone! I have my internet back! |D I missed my internet. I missed my communities, comics and friends... Wow, now that I think of it, that's a little sad, that my computer is so involved in my life... Oh well. Don't care XD
The bad news is that I'm stuck with Vista again, which doesn't like to play nice with my scanner/printer. Updates may be a little slow, for this reason. I'll be using my parents' scanner/printer. It shouldn't affect things too much, though. It's actually more bad news for me, than for you. I have to muddle through it... an lesser version of what I had before. Which wasn't even very good to begin with. But enough bitching. This is a happy occasion. |D
Expect a new strip on Tuesday. No commentary for the next 2 strips, though. I don't know when I'm gonna do the commentary again. Probably not too long. I just wanna get back into the swing of things, and make sure I don't overload my brain cells.

3/12 - "Heaven" DJ Sammy
I'm trying to keep up. My computer has regained a little bit of life. It's still in piss-poor condition. My dad is quite insistant that I get a new one... So, I don't know how stuff is gonna go. On top of that, I've go 50 ka-frickin-jillion things to do. About 90% of it is for a single class, which I think is frickin bogus. Ooh, yeah, I'm all about the frickin today, aren't I?
Well, I've added a gallery. There's only one picture there, though. There may or may not be new stuff up there at some later point in time. Also, I've got at least 2 comics (a strip and a pic) lined up for the next two days. There will be drama! I promise! XD

2/17 - "Tonight I Wanna Cry" Keith Urban
So? I like Keith Urban XD
I'm exhausted. I'm having such a tough time in class. There's 50kajillion things due. If nothing else, I should have a line drawing for Tuesday, but I don't know beyond then. I haven't even drawn the next issue for Shinseki. This week is going to hectic. I have a paper due, I think I have to see a play, or something, for class, and I have an oral exam. But I have next week off. Hopefully, I can do some catching up then.
Somebody shoot me :)

2/10 - "My Immortal" Evanescence
Welp... I had a choice... Ink the next strip, or watch all those nice new episodes of Nana I got...
...I watched Nana.
I've been really stressed out lately. I really fucking hate my fucking comp class, being that it has next to nothing to do with composition. I consider myself to be a pretty good writer. So why is the class so damned hard?! I concluded that the professor sucks. She's nice, I just hate how Goddamned ambitious she is. Fucking annoying! >_<
Anywho, I'll try to get the strip up soon.
Oh, also, if nothing gets in the way, I have a schedule update. Next week will update on Wednesday (Valentine's Day) and Saturday, the week after will be TTS (like normal,) and the week after that will be Wednesday (my "birthday") and Saturday again. Then I'm back to the regular schedule. I've got some nice li'l goodies for you guys! ^^

2/3 - "Ao Yori Fukaku" Nana
Geez. Even when I only update on Saturday, I never have anything to say. All my time and energy goes to Shinseki. It's mah baby! ;_; Um, I have blood on my hand and I don't know how it go there? That's not news. I want some news to give you all!! >_< Oh, I'm gonna have a FAQ up, if I just get asked one more question. XD Or maybe sooner, if I get bored.

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